Sunny Meadows

About Us


The owner of Sunny Meadows Cattery, Christine, worked in animal rescue for over 20 years before opening a cattery in Ryton. Almost every single one of the animals that were rescued were cats.

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Why Choose Us


There are many reasons why you should choose Sunny Meadows Cattery if you’re looking for a cattery in Ryton or the surrounding areas, which is why we have decided to outline a few of them here.

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Here at Sunny Meadows Cattery in Ryton, we always strive to offer the best care for your cat and value for money to our customers throughout Gateshead and the surrounding areas.

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Luxury Cattery for Tyne and Wear

Sunny Meadow Cattery based in Ryton offer 5 star accommodation for your cat, set in beautiful countryside surroundings, offering a unique cat hotel for your beloved cat, catering for your cat’s special dietary requirements in a safe cattery requirements.

Based In Ryton, Sunny Meadow Cattery is licensed by the local authority, where regular inspections are carried out and we pass with high standards. Our cat hotel has extra large and indoor heated pens to make sure your cats boarding with us as comfortable as possible

While you’re away you’ll know your cat is being cared for in 5 star accommodation, so while your out of town on business, on holiday or visiting friends and family, we’ve got your cat care needs in hand. So when you’re looking for a cat boarding facility, then call Sunny Meadow Cattery

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